Friday, July 03, 2009

Changed My URL

I've made another blog and will be using that from now on..

Please change my link.. Thanks!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

My first composition..

I just finish composing my very first song!! OMG!!! Damn excited.. The lyrics are from the poem that me, Cherly and Ehsan did for English.. This is how it happened :

Boredom + Lyrics = Guitar + Melody = MY VERY FIRST SONG!!!

Being myself, I doubt it song will ever get out... So far only my sis has heard it and she said the melody's nice.. Lol..

Yay me!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Group's "Award" Winning Poem

Last week we had a poem writing competition in our class for english.. We got into our own groups and started writing on a poem with the theme "Beauty Is Just Skin Deep". Me, Cherly and Ehsan made our own group. I dunno bout the others but I had tons of fun doing this got we came up with sooo much crap.. Lol.. Anywayz, we only found out today that we won 1st.. FIRST!!!! Muahahahaha.. So all my "emo" poem writing skills have come to good use.. Damn all those people use to think my poem's are emoooo and condemned it.. Muahahaha.. XD.. Oh ya, we won a small box of Cadbury Assortment chocolates which made Cherly go super high and crazy.. :P

This is the poem we wrote..

You look at me,
You will not only see,
Another part of beauty,
That loves being so wonderfully me.

What is beauty?
Beauty is more than meets the eye,
And you cannot lie,
For that's the reason why,
We are meant to be.

Like an oyster that's ugly on the outsdie,
But very valuable on the inside,
True beauty can be hidden from sight,
But can always shine bright.

Finding true love we have no clue,
A beauty so deep hidden from view,
Outward beauty may deceive,
But a pure and kind heart will always give.

For me,
Beauty is just skin deep,
For a sincere heart is mine to keep.

By : Cherly Phua Xue Li, Elaina Teng, Muhd. Nur Ehsan

Friday, June 26, 2009

Micheal Jackson Passed Away!!!

OMG!! I didn't actullay know what had happened till I noticed that all the radio channels were playing MJ's songs.. So I was like WTH? Why are all the channels playing his songs... Izit his birthday or did he die.. I was like why la?? Then I heard while channel surfing in the car, the last part of the DJ's explaining why they were playing MJ's songs. It was something like "MJ's in the house.. in spirit.." I was like WTH!??!?!?!??!?!? MJ's dead.. When I reached home, I quickly rushed to the tv and turned to the news channel (which I've never done before) and it was seriously true.. They wrote at the bottom Michael Jackson dies.. I was OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!

I still can't fathom that he's gone!! And he was suppose to go on tour soon!! Oh man.. Though he looks kinda freaky coz he's really white but come on.. Have you heard his songs!!! They rock wei!! Man.. I'm really gonna miss him wei!! Thank God there is always his songs!! He is totally legendary and he will always be remembered!!

May you rest in peace Michael!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Year..

I don't know why but I feel compelled to write this.. At this moment I don't really care whether its emo or whatever.

A year ago, I would have been busy with RC Prom Nite just like how my juniors are now.. I would be attending endless meetings to make sure everything's done and going through the emotions with 14 great other people and a great Sir.

Now, I'm left to ponder where my friendships went wrong. I lost almost 90% of my frens when I became and exco and at the same time I gained 14 other new, talented and not to mention fun brother's, sister's or whatever you want to call them. Not forgetting a super fun, understanding, experienced, father figure. My year with them can never be explained through mere words. We've gone through all the emotions together. Though we are of different races and religious backgrounds, we still stood by each other supporting each one when they needed it. All of us went through each set of our problems but we always found solace is each other's company. I would never trade anything else for the unforgettable times I had with them.

While I was away, my school friends decided to stop waiting for me to catch up with them so they moved on without me. Most of my time was spent with a new group of friends and the activities we organized so whenever I was free, I was too exhausted to go hang out with them. And being so overwhelmed by the work load of the organizing, studies, and keeping up with my friends, it didn't give me much time to catch up with them and alot of times forgot that I was suppose to RSVP them. I missed loads of bday's, outings and parties. So slowly but surely, they just stopped inviting me for things, and I just stopped trying to keep up with the lastest gossip within them.

A year later, its pretty much the same. The starting of the year was a bit awkward and pretty sucky. I was condemned by my friends. They cursed PBSM for reasons I still don't know. To them I had my name was non-existent. My primary name was Emo. If they wanted to call me from the front of the class, they would shout Oi, Emo! EEEEEMMMOOO!!! and I had to answer to that name. So this went on for almost half the year when I finally told a close friend (who was nice enough not to be like the rest and replace my name with Emo) how I felt and he/she told the person who most frequented calling me that. We more or less settled that and went BACK to pretty much not talking to each other.

I use to be so close to everyone, or so I thought. Now even touching them is like a disease. Wait, not even touching them, standing next to them is already like a disease. I mean how is someone suppose to feel when you go up to them, say hey and just stand next to them and in a split second, everyone runs in all direction and just leave you standing there?? Seriously, how am I suppose to react? *it is abit exaggerated bout the split second and running part but the rest happens. I use to able to sit next to them and be okay. But now I can't stand within a few feets radius. I gotta admit things have gotten better but its really pains me to see their reaction when they see that I'm coming towards them. And I guess like all friends do, they made new, better, more fun friends while I was away.

I feel so disconnected from my friends I've ever felt. I felt like I've lost all my friends while I was away. And I will never regret being away. I always hoped that some how though I was away for some time that I would still be one of them but I guess that isn't coming through. I really wanted to hold on to the hope that I would still have them as friends after I leave school but I guess that's not going to happen and I just have to live in the real world and face the facts. So I guess this how far my friendship goes with them.

P/S : Names were not mentioned in this post for obvious reasons. The people SHOULD know who they are.

=> I would hope that one of them would read it and finally understand why I react the way I do and just understand.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hujung Dunia by Nitrus

I currently crazy over this song!! Weee..

Kau akan ku tunggu
Sehingga hujung dunia
Kau akan selalu bersamaku...
Biar masa pergi
Biar masa tinggal kita
Kau akan selalu kan bersama...

Biar semuanya yang indah
Biar semuanya yang indah

Kau dan aku mungkinkah
Kau akan percaya bersama mimpi kita
Apa daya yang mungkin ku rasa
Mungkinkah ini semua dusta...


Kau akan ku tunggu
Sehingga hujung dunia
Kau akan selalu bersamaku...
Biar masa pergi
Biar masa tinggal kita
Kau akan selalu kan bersama...

Biar semuanya yang indah
Biar semuanya yang indah

Kau dan aku mungkinkah
Kau akan percaya bersama mimpi kita
Apa daya yang mungkin ku rasa
Mungkinkah ini semua dusta

Biarkan semuanya indah
Biarkan semuanya indah...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Sick Bug

Yes as the title says.. I have been infected with the sick bug.. Haih.. At the moment, my nose is blocked and I can feel a sore throat coming.. Why?!?!?! Not now! Not when I want to enjoy the last few days of my holidays!! =(

On top of that I have a Bible Knowledge exam on Sunday to study for and a moral folio to finish up..

And on a totally random thing.. At first when I got his msg, I was like oh, he remembers me... Well, he sorta proved me wrong.. After 3 msges of asking how I am and stuff, he asked whether I could help him.. -.-' la.. It was so argh-ish.. You dun msg me for like 2 weeks or so, cos I dun seem to fit in with ur college life, and out of the blue you msg me and some how u remember me when u need help .. Its not like I dun want to help him but he made it seem like he only msges me when he needs something.. Being the nice person I am, I agreed to help him out and then the msges stop.. When he msges again, he asks me to msg him when its done.. And when its done, no msg, nothing... Man, this dude really knows how to use people.. Idiot..

Okay.. Just needed to vent bout that.. So whatever..